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The Einstein Hub was created as a home for Genius Level products that will improve and protect health in the workplace. To qualify, products must have a proven benefit, be simple to use, offer value for money and do not harm the environment around us.

The sanitising effect of Ultra Violet (UV) light was identified by the Victorians. Needless to say in next the 180 years its power has been harnessed safely into a range of Clean Air devices that sanitise the air around you as you work.

These devices are perfect for any room that has no natural ventilation or air-conditioning sucking fresh air from outside.


SteriWhite Air

The SteriWhite Air Q115 is an ultra-efficient air disinfection system which inactivates micro-organisms in ambient air without the use of chemicals.

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UV Box

The UV-BOX-E2/40H is a device for UVC disinfection of small tools and objects. It is compact and easy to operate.

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The UV-Fan-XS is designed as a continuous air disinfection device. It is designed for operation round the clock, and is safe to use even when people are present.

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