December 21, 2021

EV Cargo Logistics at St Albans instructed us to spray NordicChem Antimicrobial solution as part of our Clean workspace programme when I had a surprise encounter with an incredible Harrison Hawk who was on site as part of their anti-vermin solutions. 

A weekly appearance from this fierce looking Raptor is enough to scare away pigeons and other pests. The leather protective glove was heavier than her, and as her trainer reminded me she is trained not tamed so be careful. It certainly put a smile on my face for the rest of the day as we Electro Statically sprayed our two step service. 

First we spray Rapide which is a powerful UK manufactured disinfectant. Once this has dried and the surfaces are cleansed we then Electro Statically spray NordicChem Antimicrobial solution which is the only antimicrobial product tested for 60 days to British Standards. 

What the client thought…
“Following an initial demonstration Jonathan and his team were engaged to undertake sanitisation of key areas of our site using Nordic chem to further aid in our fight against covid and protect our colleagues. His team turned up as promised and set about sanitising working seamlessly around what is an intense and non stop operation with virtually no disruption. They conducted themselves with professionalism whilst maintaining a friendly disposition responding to the countless questions about what they were doing from inquisitive colleagues. I would have no hesitation recommending Jonathan and his services to other companies and we have already booked a revisit.”

Dave Painter
Facilities Manager, EV Cargo Logistics