December 21, 2021

The brief was to offer a two-step cleaning solution to create a safe and clean working environment free of Covid, Influenza, and bacteria such as E-Coli.

Firstly using Electrostatic guns, we sprayed a Rapide disinfectant mist, which is tested effective against Covid and all viruses for 20 days. It was applied to all public touch points such as door handles, lifts, toilets, stair rails and breakout areas. In offices, keyboards, telephones desks, chairs window handles, and desk mounted screens were all treated.

Once this had dried, we applied the Nordicchem 90-day antimicrobial solution. An active ingredient lays down ionised spikes that attract the viruses and pierce their shell leaving them dead. This was applied using a backpack mounted spraying wand that creates a fine mist. The excited particles bond quickly to surfaces.

Both solutions are water based and safe for humans but deadly to bugs. Both processes took less than 2 hours to complete.

What the client thought…
“Jonathan provided a comprehensive solution that contributes to the protection of our colleagues, clients and visitors to site in these testing times. The science behind the products speaks for itself whilst the application process was completed according to plan and in a timely and friendly manner. Thank you.”

Gregg Dodd
Operations Manager, Eastway Enterprise Centre Ltd