December 21, 2021

Virtual connections can lead to new business just like traditional networking. Peers networking hosted by Herts Chamber connected repurposed Absolute SG/The Einstein Hub to Redmond Group Mechanical and Plumbing Contractor’s at the Wenta Business Centre, Enfield.

Redmond’s office had been closed for two weeks after members of staff had a positive Covid Test. During the first ever session of the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce Virtual Peer networking group we explained to their group that they had put their branding skills to one side and had retrained to provide anti-virus services to help their corporate clients get back to work as safely as possible.

Mick McCarthy HSQE & Research Director at Redmond Group reached out after the event and having agreed a cost we visited site and carried out their 2-step service.

Step 1 – Safe for humans but deadly for bugs and viruses Rapide disinfectant proven against Covid was applied using a static electro gun which creates a fine mist that bonds quickly to all surfaces. This takes 10 minutes to dry.

Step 2 – Using an electrostatic wand NordicChem antimicrobial solution is sprayed in a fine mist. It is the only antimicrobial solution tested in the UK to be effective against Covid 19. Its ionised micro spikes attract the virus on surfaces and pierce its shell leaving it inert. It is also effective against Influenza and E-Coli. The whole process took less than an hour.