December 21, 2021

The UV-BOX-E2/40H is a device for UVC disinfection of small tools and objects. It is compact and easy to operate. 

The two UVC lamps, in combination with the specially designed internal reflectors, produce UV-C radiation at 254 nm. As a result, the majority of areas on the surface of the object are reached. This gives a disinfection efficiency of up to 99.9%. Instruments and tools are disinfected of microorganisms in just a few minutes.

As the unit is chemical-free, leaving no residue behind, and overexposure is not possible, this method is ideal for use in the medical field. The UV-BOX-E2/40H is incredibly user-friendly. When the cover is opened, a built-in micro switch immediately switches the device off. This ensures that the user is not exposed to UV-C light.