Office Protection // Leicester

Myonex (Formerly known as Myoderm) is a global complete clinical trial solutions provider with offices in Leicester. They are using UltraViolet (UV) air and surface disinfection devices to provide a safer working environment for their workforce and visitors alike post lockdown.

Following an onsite demonstration of The Einstein Hub’s range of UV products from German manufacturer UV-Technik, Myonex management have selected the 3 products they feel will reassure their colleagues that every effort had been made to minimise the spread of pathogens.

Although their newly developed offices had an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Aircon) system it did not bring enough fresh air inside to provide the required ventilation for people to work safely. 

Our Genius Solution

A mechanical portable alternative, the SteriWhite Q115 was chosen to sanitise the air in all meeting rooms and offices where people work together. This device will silently circulate the air in a room through UV lamps 8 times per hour all day leaving clean air.

For toilet areas The UV Fan-XS, a continuous air disinfection device, was selected. The unit is designed for 24-hour operation and is designed to operate whilst people are present. The UV air treatment provided by the UV Fan will resULt in germs in the air being reduced by up to 99.99%. In addition, the device will convert unpleasant odours into oxygen by its integrated TIOX filter.

The UV-BOX-E2/40H is a handy desktop device, which offers simple operation and compact dimensions. It is used for UVC disinfection of small tools and objects.

A word from our director...

“At The Einstein Hub we are committed to utilising the latest science-based technology to enable the UK work force to continue working through the winter and beyond.  Ultraviolet radiation is an established antimicrobial solution. Although Covid is the problem now next year it will be the Flu. UV Clean Air devices future proof your workplace and will inevitably save the company in lost time through sickness. The most genius ideas are often the simplest, and there is nothing simpler than the SteriWhite Q15 range. Two silent fans pulling all the air in a room through two UV lamps 10 times an hour.”

Jonathan Burge
Director & Founder, The Einstein Hub