UVC disinfection of internal air

The UV Clean Air 2 is specially designed to disinfect contaminated air within an enclosed space. It sits in our extensive range of UV-C air purifying devices. The UV-C light produced by the device’s internal lamps inactivates harmful microorganisms. Continuous airflow ensures that ozone is emitted by the UV Clean Air 2 device and disinfects the contaminated air. The principle is photo-oxidation which is capable of helping to eliminate indoor air pollution and odours.

When microbes are irradiated with a suitable dose of UVC, they can no longer reproduce or attach themselves to host cells, and over time they will disappear altogether. An advantage of the UV Clean Air 2 is that, unlike corona discharge devices, it doesn’t produce hazardous nitrogen oxides (NOX). The device only produces ozone which within minutes can disinfect surfaces such as metals, glass, textiles and plastics. Another advantage is that there is no ‘shadow effect’ which may impact upon the effectiveness of other UV surface disinfection technologies. 

Benefits & Technical Data

> Easy to use
> Space-saving
> Low running costs
> No additional costs for filters or chemicals
> Long service-life

UV Lamp 184.9 nm ozone forming
Dimensions 330 x 170 x 110 mm
Air Flow 25 m3/h
Supply voltage 230 V / 50/60 Hz
Countdown Timer Up to 15 hrs